Monday, March 12, 2012


I've been mulling the idea for this blog around in my head for awhile. I even started something similar at the end of 2011 where I took a more broad approach of the geekdom. That one fizzled after a couple months, but from those ashes will rise a new blog that will focus on a slightly more specific topic. Games.

I took some time to day to see how some of my favorite blogs started. As I did my quick research I noticed a common thread. They all just started writing. No pre-tense. No delusions of grandeur.

They wrote. Someone else read. It grew and evolved. So here we go.

I love games. Everything from video games to board games to roleplaying games. Put a controller or some dice in my hand and I'm a happy boy.

Don't expect the reviews of the latest and greatest games here. I dont have nearly the time nor the money that I'd like to keep up on my hobby.

I will talk about the gaming I am able to get in. Games that my wife will actually play with me and gaming with my family. I will talk about PS3 games that came out 5 years ago that I'm finally getting around to playing and about how my Wii doesn't get enough TLC.

I hope to have a semi-regular schedule. At least three times a week. But we'll see.

So thank you for reading thus far and I hope you stick around and comment every now and then.

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