Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mari0: Match made in heaven

Mario + Portal Gun = Huge Success
Portal and Mario are two hugely popular, revolutionary and amazing games ever. It was only a matter of time before someone thought they could make each other better.

Well the fine folks over at did just that. The game feature the classic platforming of Super Mario Bros. but adds the spice of the portal gun, allowing Mario to teleport around.

The default game is an near-exact port of Super Mario Bros from the NES; the only difference being that Mario now wields the Portal gun. The gun alternates between firing a blue and orange portal onto any flat surface. Once both portal are placed, Mario (or anything else) can teleport between them freely. This also adds great opportunities to force goombas to fall into a hole that leads them directly to a nearby pit. Or redirect bullet bills to take out your enemies. This is a fun way to re-experience the classic game.

Mari0 also features the ability to create and load mappacks. It comes preloaded with one that tilts the mash-up scale the other way. The levels are still 2d platforming, but they have more a Portal vibe than a Mario one. There's turrents and button and companion cubes and all of that goodness. Just as with the main game, this is a great combination of the franchises.

If you're a fan of Portal and Mario, I highly suggest checking this out. It will be a nice diversion to pull out every now and again.

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