Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Congrats Dice Tower!

The Dice Tower
Back when I first got into board gaming and was spending way too much time browsing Boardgamegeek, I was trying to find a good podcast to listen to. Over and over again, I was reading about The Dice Tower and its host Tom Vasel. The name was everywhere and so I finally decided to check it out.

After listening to an episode, I was hooked. It was funny, clever, had reviews on games (both new and old) and a variety of guests and opinions. This was exactly what I had been looking for. Since then, The Dice Tower has become my second source of board game information (after BGG). Tom Vasel himself, has become my favorite and most trusted reviewer. He does a great job of explaining a game in clear terms and really breaks down the pros and cons of a game. Whenever I hear of a new game, I immediately check if he has reviewed it, preferably in video form.

Tom started his show seven years while he was a church pastor in Korea with another member of his game group, Joe Steadman. Since then, it has grown into a weekly show, a huge series of video reviews and an entire network of podcasts, videocasts and blogs with many contributors from around the world.

This morning, Tom released the 250th episode of the Dice Tower. This is a huge milestone and a I'm so gracious to have so much content to enjoy and amazed how he has grown so much in the last seven years. So congratulations Tom, Eric and everyone involved in the show. I look forward to many more years.

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