Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smallworld gets a little bigger

Days Of Wonder has announced their latest expansion for their Smallworld franchise. This makes me happy.

Smallworld is light fantasy themed war games that plays from 2-5 players. It features a large variety of races and powers that will make up each players force. The  object of the game to collect victory points by occupying  territories across the map over a set number of rounds. 

The game has had a handful of expansions in the past, mostly increasing the variety of races and powers to create more combinations to choose from. In 2011, a new basegame, Smallworld Underground, was released which features terrain types, races and small twists to the rules.

This new expansion features a system to create custom maps with terrain tiles and a set of scenarios to play with. Nothing too specific has been released yet, but I'm hoping for a system similar to their Memoir '44 series, where there will be a certain map set up, with certain goals and maybe even predetermined race/power combos to choose from.

Set to be released in July of 2012, I'm looking forward to see what this expansion has to offer.

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